The Apocalypse Project


What is 'The Apocalypse Project'?

'The Apocalypse Project', or 'TAP' for short, is a fan created free modification (mod) for the game 'Freespace 2'. The idea behind this mod is to create a space combat flight simulator based in the Homeworld universe from the popular game series.

What will it feature?

We plan to bring a number of ships from the Homeworld, Homeworld: Cataclysm, and Homeworld 2 to the Freespace 2 perspective. TAP hopes to bring a new perspective to the Homeworld series stories, how it must be like for the pilots of such epic tales.

We would also like to improve the graphics on some of the items from the Homeworld series. Meaning new High-Poly models and High-Resolution textures. This is all subject to how much help we get and how much time we have available.

List of features planned for TAP (Subject to Change):

  • Upgraded ships and graphics from the Homeworld games
  • A few new ships subject to our storyline
  • New \ Upgraded Music and Sound FX
  • New Interface Art
  • Mostly original and quality storyline
  • Multiple releases spanning different Era's from the Homeworld universe

When will 'The Apocalypse Project' be finished?

No definite date can be given. We have normal lives as well and are doing this in our spare time which is never consistant. TAP is striving towards a release soon.

Is 'The Apocalypse Project' affiliated in any way with Volition Inc, Relic, Barking Dog Studios, or Sierra?

Absolutly not. TAP is a free mod made by fans in their spare time.

Where can I get the latest updates or ask questions?

We will attempt to keep the website 'News' section up to date, however for the latest updates and to ask questions / speak with the mod team, please visit the forums. Forums are discussion boards set up to allow simple communication between a community. Hard Light Productions are nice enough to host our Mod, Website and Forum.